A premier equestrian facility located in San Francisco's beautiful East Bay.
Home of the Five Mile Equestrian Center

12350 Cull Canyon Road, Castro Valley, CA
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Welcome to Rancho Del Los Amigos
A Full Service Equestrian Facility
In Beautiful Cull Canyon, Castro Valley
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Rancho De Los Amigos has everything horses and riders need to enjoy and advance their skills. We are nestled in the hills off Cull Canyon Road in Castro Valley. Ten minutes from highway 580, we offer equestrians a conveniently located and well-equipped facility to board their horses, haul-in and advance their riding skills.
Our horse boarding facility accommodates 55 horses in top-quality MD Barns. We offer a variety of stall/paddock configurations as well as several open area paddocks with shelters. Stalls include rubber mats and are well bedded for hygiene and comfort. Most paddocks also feature rubber mats and range in size from 12′x12′ to 12′x24′. We maintain stalls, paddocks, bedding and barns on a daily basis to ensure the comfort and safety of the horses in our care. Rancho De Los Amigos has a fly system throughout the facility.
For optimal care for our boarded horses, we offer multiple turnouts of ranging sizes and footing where horses can enjoy their freedom, kick-up their heels, graze or simply enjoy the sunshine. A quiet, pastoral setting, horses thrive in our natural setting looking out on miles of pastures, creeks and hills, a perfect place for a horse to practice being a horse.
For those in training we have a large indoor arena with mirrors, a regulation size dressage court, a stadium jumping arena, a cross-country course and miles of trails. The footing is a sand and rubber mix that cushions and protects horses of all training levels. We treat arenas, driveways and round pens with ‘dust-down’ annually and groom arenas daily.
A premier equestrian facility we offer comprehensive services for riders and horses of all levels and disciplines. We welcome all levels from the riders enrolled in our riding school to those training for competition or simply riding for pleasure, and respect their goals and riding pursuits.

Are we the right barn for you?
Give us a call! We have riding lessons, trainers, horse boarding facilities and a full equestrian facility. Plus, we have a lot of fun!

Trail Riding
Rancho De Los Amigos is nestled on 500 acres of privately owned land with trails throughout. They offer spectacular views of wide-open spaces, forested areas that offer shade on warm days, hills for conditioning and lots of variety. We maintain our trails regularly and we back up to EBMUD land. Passes to the EBMUD land are available so trail lovers can ride to their hearts desire.
Free of dogs, bikers, motorcyclists and day hikers, riders can enjoy peaceful rides without the challenges presented by nature lovers who are unfamiliar with horses. Perfect for those seeking solitude and quiet rides, the trail riding opportunities at Rancho De Los Amigos are abundant.
Non-boarders wishing to explore our trails for the day are welcome to haul-in for a nominal fee.

Cross Country Course
Rancho De Los Amigos has one of the most expansive cross-country courses in the San Francisco East Bay area. We are located within very easy hauling distance of the Tri-Valley area, Oakland, and the South Bay. We welcome haul-ins for a nominal day fee and can offer temporary stalls or turnouts for day or overnight use upon prior request.
Boarders and haul-ins alike enjoy our cross-country course. Spanning several acres, the RDLA course offers many of the cross-country challenges riders face in competition. The jumps range in sizes and difficulty from novice level through preliminary level. Some of the challenges horses and riders face on our cross-country course are a water feature, a coffin jump, banks, rolling terrain and much more. We welcome haul-ins and our Five Mile Equestrian program regularly hosts horse trails, clinics and combined training competitions.

The arenas at Rancho De Los Amigos offer those in training an optimal place to prepare their horses for competition. The sand and rubber mix footing offers both cushion and spring to encourage top performance while ensuring the horses comfort.
We treat all arenas (as well as the driveway and round pen) with ‘Dust Down’. A safe treatment, ‘Dust Down’ helps maintain a perfect level of moisture to keep water use to a minimum and arena dust from choking horses and riders during the dry months. Arenas are groomed daily so horses can focus on the work without worrying about unlevel or varying surfaces.
Indoor Arena:
The indoor is 100′ x 210′. It is equipped with a full wall of mirrors so riders can refine their horse’s movements or their own equitation. Fully lit and quite large, it is perfect for night riders and winter training.
Outdoor Dressage Court:
The outdoor dressage court is 100′ x 180′. A regulation court, we have all the letters to help you accurately school tests. In addition, we regularly hold dressage clinics and combined dressage tests in this arena.
Stadium Jumping Arena:
The stadium-jumping arena is 100′ x 150′. It is equipped with a full set of jumps where trainers can construct a variety of challenging courses.
Lighted Round Pen
Our 60′ lighted round pen has solid sides and is perfect for lunging or ground work. Not available for unattended turnouts, boarders use this arena exclusively for training or exercising horses.

All of our horse boarding barns are MD Barns. We chose MD Barns because of their exceptional safety features, durability and beauty. Chew-proof, kick-proof, well ventilated and with exceptional fire and earthquake resistance, our MD Barns keep horses safe and comfortable.
We offer a variety of stall/paddock combinations. Our horse boarding stalls all have rubber mats, automatic waterers, feed windows, feeders, and attached pipe paddocks. In addition to traditional stall/paddock combinations, we offer a limited number of open area paddocks with shelters. All of the paddocks have a bedded, sheltered area. Paddocks have automatic waterers, shared water troughs and communal, hot-wired fence lines.

2019 Services and Rates
INCLUDES one flake grass/alfalfa mix am/pm.
Bedding bags added Tuesdays and Fridays, as needed.
Extra feed/bedding – ask for quote. 
$595.00 and up
INCLUDES one flake grass/alfalfa mix am/pm.
Bedding bags added Tuesdays and Fridays, as needed.
Extra feed/bedding – ask for quote. 
$580.00 and up
INCLUDES one flake grass/alfalfa mix am/pm.
Bedding bags added Tuesdays and Fridays, as needed.
Extra feed/bedding – ask for quote. 
$75.00 and up/month
Ask for Quote
EXTRA FEED $90.00 & up
EXTRA BEDDING $10.00/bag & up
(replace with new bedding)
$450.00 (includes non refundable $150 for cleaning)
Please contact management for details. Health and shot records required before haul-in. All required forms must be filled out before bringing horses to RDLA.
$45.00  per horse/rider and up

First month’s security deposit required. Deposit price will reflect the stall/barn chosen. Deposit is returned after stall is inspected for damages. Deposits are not to be used for last month’s board. 30-day notice is required. $150 cleaning fee will be deducted from deposit. 
Extra Services are available for your convenience. Please see service price list. 
All board checks are due by the first of each month. Payments after the 3rd, add $35.00. All bounced checks will be charged a $35.00 handling fee. 
Board prices will adjust on an annual basis, unless feed, bedding, and labor prices rise beyond our control; then prices will have to be adjusted as necessary. 
* Prices subject to change. Call 510-538-8932 for more information.

at Rancho De Los Amigos, we strive to provide a variety of turn-out areas where horses can practice being horses. We have approximately 13 turnouts of various sizes. We offer five sanded pipe corrals, four pipe paddocks and four pasture areas enclosed with hot wire.
Boarders may turnout at their discretion when areas are available and barn staff/trainers provide daily turnout service at $100 per month. 

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To learn more, call Leslie at 510-538-8932.