Our  Facility Consists of Private Riding Trails on 500 Acres in the East Bay Hills


Rancho De Los Amigos, is surrounded by wide-open fields, rolling hills, and groomed riding trails, Rancho De Los Amigos is a beautiful horse boarding facility located on Cull Canyon Road in Castro Valley, California. 

An inviting retreat from the active metropolitan areas of San Francisco’s East Bay, our private, secure horse boarding facility is five miles out of town, but is easily accessible from Highway 580.

A welcoming community, we strive to provide the highest quality of care for your horse. Our horse boarding barns are safe, spacious MD Barns, which we meticulously maintain to ensure the safety and comfort of horses in our care. Solidly constructed, MD Barns are chew-proof, kick-proof, offer exceptional fire and earthquake resistance and stand-up to harsh weather. Well-ventilated and naturally bright, horses thrive in our comfortable barns. Each stall features an automatic waterer, feed windows, feeders, rubber mats, a well-sheltered or enclosed stall, an attached paddock, and a fly spray system.

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