Rancho De Los Amigos is home to several trainers and their students. We currently have Four training /instructors. Each works cooperatively with the other and the boarders so everyone is able to enjoy the facility and their horses.

Please feel free to contact our horse trainers directly about their programs. They each offer a unique program to help clients achieve their riding goals.

We do not offer trail rides!

Trainer: Christine Rossi
AwareRider Training

Training in Western Dressage, Classical Dressage, Bio-mechanics for the horse and rider. Bringing 40 years of experience to horse and rider, Christine offers an intuitive and accomplished understanding of classical basics applied to the working western horse. Christine brings awareness and mindfulness to horse handling. Patience and observation of the horse's basic behavior brings greater partnership between the horse and handler.

Accepting new riders and horses for training in Western Dressage at Rancho De Los Amigos.


For Questions and fees email us at: 

or call (510)551-8283



Trainer: Kathy Gilliland


For the latest on upcoming events:

Phone: (510) 919-7350




Trainer: Jenn Collins

Jenn Collins has been a rider for over 30 years with experience in English, Western, Jumping, Eventing, and Dressage.  Working at barns and ranches to earn her lessons and training time throughout her life, Jenn has been involved in a vast variety of riding styles and facilities including trail training, racetrack experience, and endurance riding. Jenn is also a PATH certified instructor. 

Collins Equestrian focuses on bringing along horses and riders into jumpers and eventers with a special emphasis on supporting rescue horse retraining and  rehoming.